WWE Extreme Rules 2019

WWE Extreme Rules 2019: Extreme Rules (2019) is an upcoming professional wrestling pay-per-view and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw, SmackDown, and 205 Live brands. It will take place on July 14, 2019, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It will be the eleventh event under the Extreme Rules chronology

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WWE Extreme Rules 2019 : How to watch WWE Extreme Rules 2019 live streaming online. WWE Extreme Rules will showcase some of the biggest names in wrestling this weekend.

2019 WWE Extreme Rules predictions, matches, card, start time, location, date, PPV preview Sunday night will become extreme for WWE when six world titles are defended at the annual Extreme Rules pay-per-view card set to take place in Philadelphia. The 10-match card brings with it a certain level of optimism considering the blockbuster additions to WWE creative of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to the Raw and SmackDown brands, respectively.

Even though Extreme Rules offers 10 matches that, collectively, are anything but extreme from a stipulation standpoint, there’s enough talent and interesting feuds to produce a memorable show. Let’s now have a look at who our CBS experts predict comes out victorious at Extreme Rules, and be sure to check back on Sunday for live coverage of the show.

Brian Campbell, Adam Silverstein, Jack Crosby: Given that Gulak just recently captured the title, it would seem too premature for a change to be made. While both guys are credible performers, the current title picture is lacking a next-level personality to make this match a must-see. Hopefully the pair of cruiserweight surprise that thought with a memorable match. Pick: Drew Gulak retains the title Aleister Black vs. Cesaro

JC, BC, AS: I’m sure that some may have been a bit underwhelmed with the reveal of Cesaro as “the one who knocks,’ and this may not even turn into anything more than a one-off match before everything resets heading into SummerSlam. Whatever the case, there’s little doubt that this will be one of the most entertaining pure wrestling matches of the night, and it may very well steal the attention of the entire Philly crowd coming out. In the end, it seems as if they have some pretty big plans for Black going forward, and a victory over an incredible worker the likes of Cesaro is a good launching point. Pick: Aleister Black wins

AS, BC: Look, what exactly is the point of Bryan & Rowan declaring that they are going to take the tag team division into the main event scene if you’re going to have them drop the titles here? Unless you are planning to bring Bryan back into the main event picture as a singles competitor — and I will discuss why I do not think that is happening later — keeping the titles on this team is the right move. The issue is that there needs to be more tag teams on this brand for them to feud with; changing the titles would be a wrong move. Pick: Daniel Bryan & Rowan retain the titles

JC: I tend to dabble in living on the edge with at least one match pick on these PPV cards, and this title match earns that role for Extreme Rules. Xavier Woods & Big E, quite frankly, really don’t need another run with the titles. When it comes to Bryan, while he’s done a fantastic job as a tag team champion, I get the hunch that when Eric Bischoff officially takes over the blue brand next week,